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Our team is made up of gifted minds in Montreal... and in Brussels!


Nathalie Courville

Reconnue comme une experte avec plus 35 ans d'expérience, Madame Courville agit comme directrice de projet. Elle conseille et accompagne les clients tout au long des démarches de consultation.

Mrs Courville is a recognized expert in strategic planning, mainly in the fields of culture, tourist attractions and events, where she has worked for over 35 years.

Mrs Courville has founded two communications agencies and held various high-level positions in cultural and event organizations over the years. For many years, she has provided strategic consulting services to cultural structures, associations and event organizations of all kinds.

Mrs Courville has been an associate professor at HEC Montréal's Chair in Arts Management and a lecturer in the DESS and Master's programmes in the management of cultural organisations since 2007. She is also a guest lecturer in event management, marketing and financing at the Institut des Hautes études de Communications sociales de Bruxelles (IHECS Academy) and at the Brussels School of Management, ICHEC, for the C-Ship cultural management programme. To date, she has trained and helped thousands of students and professionals develop their management, marketing and private finance skills in Canada and Europe.

Research Coordinator

Hugo Dufour

Monsieur Dufour est notre maître analyste des données statistiques et des contextes socio-démographiques. Ses compétences sont mises à profit pour l'analyse des contextes et des environnements.

Researcher, cultural worker and curator Hugo Dufour has been making his mark on the Montreal arts scene for several years. As founder of the Céline Bureau artists' residency and producer of a number of Montreal art festivals, he has made it his personal mission to support emerging artists and foster inter-community collaboration. More recently, he has been involved in cultural policy research in collaboration with André Courchesne of HEC Montréal's Chair in Arts Management.
Data Analyst

Luce Proulx

Mme Proulx est titulaire d’une maîtrise en Gestion et planification du tourisme de l’Université du Québec à Montréal ainsi que d’une maîtrise en Géographie de l’Université de Montréal.

She also has additional training in business analytics (HEC), which has enabled her to perfect her analytical methods in relation to data science, including data mining and visualisation, and in management and sustainable development (HEC). For over 25 years, Mrs Proulx has carried out research mandates involving both quantitative and qualitative research. For 11 years, she was coordinator and head of research and business intelligence at Événements Attractions Québec, where she planned, managed and conducted numerous tourism-related studies and surveys. Since 2022, Mrs Proulx has specialised in primary and secondary data research and analysis, including textual data, to support organisations and businesses in their need for information and strategic knowledge. She works mainly, but not exclusively, in the fields of social and cultural development, local and regional development, and sustainable and responsible development.
Strategic cultural communication and cultural engineering consultancy (Brussels)

Delphine Jenart

Madame Jenart se consacre à la démocratie culturelle et au partage des connaissances, en explorant comment les technologies peuvent favoriser l'accessibilité des contenus culturels et le développement des publics.

Delphine Jenart places democracy through culture and the sharing of knowledge at the heart of her commitment. A strong leitmotiv that has led her to invest in the field of technologies at the service of culture, or how they can be used to make content more accessible on the one hand, and to develop audiences on the other.

Over the past 20 years, it has developed expertise in strategic communications and engineering in the French-speaking cultural sphere in Belgium (museums, cultural centres, festivals, the European Capital of Culture), as well as supporting the development of digital innovation at local level - from start-ups to multinationals - and training in digital professions. Some of its references: Mundaneum, Mons arts de la scène, Le Botanique, Fédération des employeurs des arts de la scène, KIKK festival, Google, Foire du Livre de Bruxelles, Arts et Publics, Technocité, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Transmission, communication, education and mediation are the cardinal points of her compass. It is in this capacity that she works as a trainer for the voluntary sector and as a lecturer at the IHECS (Haute Ecole Galilée - Brussels) and the UCLouvain in Belgium.

Office Assistant

Catherine Rennuy

Catherine Rennuy est assistante administrative depuis 18 ans, elle s’occupe de la coordination de l’équipe et de la mise en page de nos documents AE. Entre Bruxelles et Val-David, elle fait des recherches et de la veille.

Catherine Rennuy is a classical guitarist by trade. Music and the arts have always been part of her life and career. For several years now, she has been offering administrative support services. For ArtExpert, she coordinates the drafting of master documents, documentation management and actively participates in research. <Nath ODS

Our collaborators

Expert in cultural engineering

Géraldine Dallaire

Madame Dallaire, possède plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans le secteur culturel. Elle se spécialise dans la mise en place d’ateliers et de formations afin d’outiller les organisations culturelles et entrepreneurs en culture, notamment au Québec, en France et en Afrique de l'Ouest.

Géraldine Dallaire holds a PhD in administration from HEC Montréal, which focuses on how cultural entrepreneurs design and develop their entrepreneurial projects. She has worked in the cultural sector and has been interested in entrepreneurship for over 15 years.

She works as a consultant for cultural and creative organisations (strategic planning, rethinking business models, mobilising stakeholders, etc.), as well as for institutions wishing to analyse and better understand the issues facing cultural players (studies for YES Montréal, Compétence culture).

She specialises in setting up workshops and training courses to equip cultural organisations and cultural entrepreneurs. She has several years' experience in leading round tables, conferences, facilitating and creating workshops and professional training courses, etc. She is regularly asked to speak on the challenges of cultural entrepreneurship. She is the founder of the Pôle entrepreneuriat culturel et créatif in France, which she then set up in Quebec.

She is also involved in a number of research projects and has been teaching or taking part in training courses for the past 10 years on issues relating to entrepreneurship, cultural entrepreneurship, management and marketing, in Quebec, France and West Africa. She has also obtained official certification in business model design from Yves Pigneur.

Expert in Public Finance

Emilie Chazelas

Après avoir brillamment complété des études universitaires en France et en Angleterre, Émilie Chazelas s’est distinguée dans le milieu du développement culturel et de la mise en valeur du patrimoine bâti. Son parcours l’a rapidement propulsée à la tête d’une direction du développement économique en Outaouais où elle a démontré sa maîtrise des enjeux et des opportunités de la région.

Over the course of her career, Émilie has held positions of responsibility in municipal administration and taken the reins of cultural organizations. With a deep understanding of the milieu and extensive experience in program management, Émilie now places her expertise at the service of organizations and municipalities. Whether it's for ambitious capital projects or innovative development initiatives, she excels at finding the right programs, developing funding strategies and writing careful grant applications.
Through fruitful collaboration with organizations throughout Quebec, she orchestrates the financing of numerous projects, turning dreams into tangible achievements.

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