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A consulting firm founded in 2002

ArtExpert is a consulting firm that assists municipalities, governments and private organizations in developing the cultural and event industry in Quebec and in Belgium. The organization has been headed by Nathalie Courville since August 2022. It was founded by Louise Poulin in 2002.

“ArtExpert is first and foremost wonderful encounters with all those who truly care about culture and artistic vitality as a key element in society. ”
– Nathalie Courville, president

Foundation of ArtExpert

The founder, Louise Poulin

During her 25-year career in consulting, Louise Poulin has specialized in strategic analysis, research, and feasibility studies in the arts and culture field. In recent years, she has distinguished herself by leading consulting teams on major projects for private and governmental cultural institutions. Louise is a highly creative manager who has directed more than 100 studies, progress reports, and analyses in the cultural field and on infrastructure implementation projects.

The beginnings of ArtExpert

ArtExpert was founded more than 20 years ago to fill an important need, which was going unmet, for prospect management in the cultural business model. ArtExpert opened at a time when senior managers of cultural enterprises were retiring and leaving the sector, taking their expertise with them.

ArtExpert has a large number of interesting projects to its credit, but the most important, Louise Poulin feels, is Étude des tendances et des meilleures pratiques d’affaires à l’international dans l’industrie des festivals, événements et attractions touristiques (Study of international trends and best practices in the industry of festivals, events, and tourist attractions), a 180-page global overview of governance, financial models, and eco-responsible practices produced in collaboration with Nathalie Courville for Festivals et Évènements Québec and the Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec, the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec, Loto-Québec, the offices of festivals in major Québec cities, some regional tourism bureaus, and the RÉMI. The project is still a gold standard with regard to improving business practices among organizations in Québec.

“What makes us the proudest, as a firm, is when we see that our work is of concrete service to the industry. All the studies and business plans that we have produced have been used. What we have developed over the years with our clients is of real value to them and helps them reach the objectives they set themselves.”
– Louise Poulin, founder and outgoing CEO of ArtExpert

A change of leadership

In 2022, Louise decided to sell her company to devote herself to a project that is just as ambitious, Méditation Montréal. Nathalie Courville, a long-time collaborator, has taken over leadership.

For Louise, Méditation Montréal is the logical extension of supporting the cultural field and giving back to the community. Through this new undertaking, she hopes to offer an additional tool to enable artists and managers of cultural organizations to refocus on their objectives in order to regain strength and self-mastery. And the logical continuation for ArtExpert is to have Nathalie Courville at its head.

“Nathalie Courville is an extraordinary person with experience matched by few in Québec. She knows institutions, events, and financing, all of which are key to ArtExpert’s mission.”
– Louise Poulin, founder and outgoing CEO of ArtExpert

Take over the presidency

A presence in Bruxelles

ArtExpert benefits from the European experience of its new president, and now offers its services to cultural organizations in Belgium. With her associates Delphine Jenart and Camille Jacobs, Ms. Courville advises, supports and trains players in culture and events who are committed to their development and evolution.

A new visual identity

On August 1, 2022, ArtExpert donned its new colours and unveiled its new logo, one that better reflects the firm’s current identity.

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