The past few weeks have no resemblance to what we used to know. Since the beginning of the crisis, ArtExpert moved swiftly to help arts organizations and their managers.


ADVICE #1: Get access rapidly to emergency funding
LISTEN TO THE NEWS – Each day, new initiatives are announced by Departments and Arts Councils

ADVICE #2: Enjoy Teleworking
BUT… PRESERVE GOOD TEAM SPIRIT ; respect containment and hygiene measures ; when teleworking, keep contact ; be grateful to your employees everyday, relax and stay cool;

      • Focus on the present because nobody knows how long your workplace will be closed and cultural activities suspended
      • Be ready to cancel your activities, but wait for the governments’ decisions on containment to proceed to a cancellation of the next season
      • If your monthly revenue decline by more than 30 %, consider asking for business support (75 % of salaries) to maintain the expertise in your organization
      • Otherwise, consider asking your employees to take advantage of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit
      • Ask your ticket buyers if they would prefer to be reimbursed or to donate the value of their ticket to your organisation.

ADVICE #3: Stay connected
TO A LARGE NETWORK PROVIDING SOLUTIONS – Use available tools as for virtual meeting applications, Podcast and Web conferences ; subscribe to alerts from your sector’s associations and support groups

ADVICE #4: Performing Arts on the Web
A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY – Consider moving your activities on audio or video digital platforms

ADVICE #5: Prepare yourself for the economic rebound
GET READY – For after the containment and beyond.

USEFUL LINKS for Arts Managers

  1. Canada – Plan d’intervention économique du Canada pour répondre à la COVID-19
  2. AVIS aux bénéficiaires de subventions et contributions de Patrimoine canadien
  3. Conseil des arts du Canada – 60 millions de dollars en financement anticipé pour stabiliser le cœur du secteur artistique face à la crise de la COVID-19
  4. Conseil des arts du Canada – Information COVID-19
  5. BDC – Nouveau programme de garantie et de prêts pour les PME pour faciliter l’accès au crédit pour les entrepreneurs touchés par la COVID-19
  6. Ville de Montréal – COVID-19 : Mesures en soutien aux entreprises montréalaises
  7. Ville de Montréal – Initiatives collaboratives art-industrie-savoir en créativité numérique
  8. Conseil des arts de Montréal – COVID-19 : Accélération exceptionnelle des versements de subventions
  9. Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec – Aide d’urgence
  10. QUÉBEC – Programmes d’aide gouvernementaux
  11. Programme d’aide temporaire aux travailleurs (PATT COVID-19)
  12. TORONTO – Economic Support & Recovery for Businesses
  13. TORONTO Arts Council & Arts Foundation
  14. Société Radio-Canada
  15. Mentorat culturel
  16. Soutien à la communauté culturelle québécoise
  17. Art Connexion – comité culturel AECS HÉC Montréal 

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