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Privacy Policy

ArtExpert’s privacy practices on the site

ARTEXPERT.CA INC. (hereinafter named ArtExpert), is a company incorporated in Canada , located at 914 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal (Quebec) H3C 1J9 Canada. ArtExpert is the owner and administrator of the website

Protecting your privacy is important to ArtExpert. In this document, ArtExpert discloses its information practices on its websites, including the types of information it seeks and collects, how it uses it, and with whom it shares it.

ArtExpert has implemented these practices on its home page ( In addition, it instructs all of its webmasters to include information on its privacy practices wherever personal information is collected on one of its sites.

Personal information

In general, you can browse ArtExpert sites without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information about you. However, it may happen that ArtExpert or its partners need certain information about you.

You can choose to provide ArtExpert with personal information in various situations. For example, you may decide to provide ArtExpert with information, including your name, address and email address, which may be necessary to correspond with you, fulfill an order, or provide you with a subscription.

You can provide ArtExpert with information about your credit card in order to make a purchase from it or provide it with a description of your education and professional experience in the event that you wish to apply for a position.

ArtExpert intends to let you know how it will use this information before collecting it from you. If you indicate to ArtExpert that you do not want them to use this information to communicate with you subsequently, they will respect your request. If you provide ArtExpert with personal information about another person, such as a spouse or co-worker, ArtExpert will consider that this person has authorized you to do so.

Use and sharing of personal information

The following paragraphs describe more specifically how ArtExpert may use your personal information and with whom it may share it. Depending on the type of ASCAROLINE DESOURDYTUEL website you visit, one or more of these paragraphs may apply. For example, if you order a product from one of its websites, your information will be processed as indicated among others in the paragraphs “Processing of transaction requests” and “Use for marketing purposes”.

Processing of transaction requests

If you make a request from an ArtExpert website (for example, if you request a specific product or service, email query, or specific marketing material), ArtExpert will use the information you provide to respond. to your request.

In order to achieve this, ArtExpert may share information with its related entities or third parties, for example other internal units, business partners, financial institutions, transport companies, postal or government authorities (such as customs authorities) as part of the processing of the request. In connection with a transaction, ArtExpert may also communicate with you as part of its customer satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes.

Use for marketing purposes

The information you provide to ASCAROLINE DESOURDYTUEL on some of its websites may also be used by ArtExpert and by designated third parties for marketing purposes. However, before using it, ArtExpert will give you the option of choosing whether or not your information is used in this way.

Human resources (including recruiting) websites

If you apply for or search for a position (posted on an ArtExpert website or otherwise communicated), you may provide them with information about you, such as in a resume.

ArtExpert may use this information within its related entities for the purposes of evaluating your application or as part of your research. ArtExpert will retain this information for further analysis.

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